My name is Wan Ching Yeh. In 2006 I moved from Taiwan to Los Angeles to start my new life. I saw great opportunities and a more inviting creative environment here. After getting my degree in Architecture I still wasn't sure if that was the path that I wanted to take.

I was lucky enough to start an internship with Mattel, then worked there for the next 2 years. While at Mattel I was inspired in so many ways by working with an amazing and talented team. That was the start of my digital  design career.

Throughout my life I never thought that I would be able to make games. Jet Morgan was another great studio that shaped my skill set and capabilities. As now 9 years of working with a lot of talented artists and programmers felt like home. And it is always fun to hear people say" Are you just going to play games all day?" then you can totally answer them" Well, that's my job!"

Making game seems like a great idea so far now, but how about educating kids with games? It is such a inspirational opportunity to work for Age of Learning. I have chance to create characters and illustrations that make the game FUN!

I am a quick learner and work fast. I can take the lead on projects or be a supporting member of the team. I have the ability to adapt to any team and environment. Beside that, I am an animal lover.